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The term media (singular form: medium) refers to the source of information and communication channels or tools through which we disseminate news, music, movies, education, promotional messages and other data from both old and new media. It includes physical and online newspapers and magazines, television, radio, billboards, telephone, the Internet, fax and billboards.

It describes the various ways through which we communicate in society. Because it refers to all means of communication, everything ranging from a telephone call to the evening news on television can be called media.

When talking about reaching a very large number of people we say mass mediaLocal media refers to, for example, your local newspaper, or local/regional TV/radio channels.

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3 Types Of Media


1.Print Media: It consists of paper and ink that reproduced in printing process that is traditionally mechanical. It also includes all types of publications, including newspapers, journals, magazines, books and reports. It is the oldest type, and despite suffering since the emergence of the Internet, is still used by a major proportion of the population.


2.Broadcast Media: It refers to the media that reach target audiences using airwaves as the transmission medium such as radio and television, in which came onto the scene at the beginning and middle of the 20th century respectively. Most people still get their news from TV and radio broadcasts – however, experts predict that it will not be long before online sources take over.



3.New Media: Its content organized and distributed on digital forms such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.



Media plays a significant role in keeping everyone updated about the various events around the world. Today, we can check out the latest news and current affairs with just few clicks of mouse or by simply switching on the radio or television, apart from glancing at the newspaper every morning.

A vast majority of people, all across the world, rely upon various sources of media for keeping themselves updated on various ongoing issues around the world. Media plays an important role for the whole society.

According to Sehba’s blog, 2016, there are five points to remember the significant of media. And these are the following:

1. Gives us immense knowledge & transmits information – Media keeps us informed about various happening around the world. It lets us know what is happening around us and all over the world. With the help of media, we get immense knowledge on various subjects. Media plays a vital role in the dissemination of information. It broadcasts, prints and updates information from time to time so that the general public stays aware of what is going on in the country and in the entire world.

2. Raises our consciousness – Media ignites awareness in us by providing information and knowledge. It does not enforces its own opinion on us, but provides facts, figures and news to us so that we can analyze the information and can understand, what is wrong and what is right?

3. Raises voice against social evils – Media also plays a constructive role for the society by raising social issues. Presently, there are many examples of social evils like dowry, female foeticide, gender discrimination, etc. that have been raised by media. When media presents and unveils such issues, the public becomes aware and the necessary steps are taken for resolving the issues! Media also helps reach the voice of masses to the concerned authorities.

4. Provides true pictures and live telecast for various events – Be it the cricket world cup, FIFA matches, our prime minster or president addressing the nation, the areas affected by flooding or just any other incident, media helps us see the true picture by providing the LIVE or recorded telecast for almost all important events.

5. Educates the society – One of the most important roles of media is to educate the society. We can explore and analyze various product reviews, do price comparison for various items, read news about politics, fashion, war, weather, health and much more with the help of media. Media exposes issues like poverty, illiteracy, social backwardness, etc., and educates people on the same. It also educates people about their rights and duties and helps enforce law as well.



It is refer to the ability to read, analyze, evaluate and produce communication in a variety of media forms.

Media Literacy is the ability to:
  • Decode media messages.
  • Assess the influence of those messages on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Create media thoughtfully and conscientiously.


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As we can see, media are evolved and are passing through times in every generation utilizing interacting media on our own and in our own way of understanding. In which people keep searching for new ideas to develop media from old into new forms. Transforming media from old to new media is the way on how we understand the world. The changes of generation and increasing numbers of individuals living on earth make the media more incredible, accessible and very interactive to everyone. Thus, it helps us in making our life more comfortable, easiest and fastest to communicate to individuals. The more media are being transformed and useful, the more it becomes personal and diverse in every user.



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